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Jens Schuermans

Belgian champion MTB XC

I always try to become the best I potentially can with some baseline golden rules such as honesty and fair play. To do so, I put a lot of value into quality tools which I will evaluate extensively before trusting and using it. 4Gold fully convinced me after hearing them out and substantially testing their products. Their quality sources, scientific approach, internal values and ambition are coherent with who I am as an athlete and as a person.

Jef Van Meirhaeghe

Ex-professional cyclist and now long-distance triathlete

In the early months of 4Gold I was contacted by co-founder Brent Luyckx to sit down and discuss a collaboration. During the presentation of his products it didn't take long to convince me. In the meantime I have been working on sport at a very high level for several years and I have learned which are good products and which are not. 4Gold is best in class in terms of quality and taste! And...let's be looks cool!

Brent Luyckx

Co-founder 4Gold

I started 4Gold because I believed that it could be much better. As a former cyclist, I believe that supplements can make a difference between victory and loss. To do this my parter, Axel Roelants, and I work together with scientists to make the best possible products. So you can get the best out of yourself!

Axel Roelants

Co-founder 4Gold

As a current enduro motorcross rider I know how important supplements are for my recovery. During races we ride more than 5 hours with our motorbike. As a result, the whole body is acidified. With our 4Gold supplements I feel more focused and stronger during my rides, and faster recovered after.

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