Only nutrigenomic anti-oxidant support beneficial for recovery in pro-athletes

By Nikolaas Van Riet M.Sc.

Abstract: Redox cell and mitochondrial signaling can have both physiological (beneficial and important) and pathogenic role in our body. Intense exercise and environmental influences can create imbalances in the redox signaling leading to the expression of pathological pathways, and/or compromise important physiological pathways related to recovery. Intelligent nutrigenomic support can support and maintain proper redox balance. Standard anti-oxidant supplements, like vitamin C, can further imbalance the system. Contrary, correct nutrigenomic supplements upregulate the body’s own mechanisms to balance free radicals, and thus yield important beneficial support for physiological signaling, which can boost our recovery and training adaptation systems, and even resulting in increased or enhanced super-compensation.

Novel way of promoting and maintaining gut health in pro-athletes

By Nikolaas Van Riet M.Sc.

Abstract: The physiological and biochemical demands of intense exercise elicit both muscle-based and systemic responses. The main adaptations to endurance exercise include the correction of electrolyte imbalance, a decrease in glycogen storage and the increase of oxidative stress, intestinal permeability, muscle damage, and systemic inflammatory response. Adaptations to exercise might be influenced by the gut microbiota, which plays an important role in the production, storage, and expenditure of energy obtained from the diet as well as in inflammation, redox reactions, and hydration status..

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