Recovery Coffee

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Taste Coffee – 1 kg (see our suggested use page for more information)

We work with 1 scoop per hour of training and the upper limit is 4 scoops with 750ml of water.

  • Alkalizing effect
  • Supports your immune system
  • Promotes muscle recovery and muscle growth
  • Scientifically developed and tested by top athletes
  • By adding caffeine, a 66% faster recovery of the muscle glycogen
  • Contains the world’s fastest absorbing protein PeptoPro™, ensuring the best possible recovery



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Our recovery provides hydration and recovers your body, so you can train progressively. The carbohydrates, a combination of maltodextrin and dextrose provide direct fuel and reduce the cortisol levels.

The world’s fastest absorbable protein, PeptoPro™ instantaneous release of amino acids to the muscles, so they can immediately recover.

PeptoPro™ is a trademark of DSM

The combination of carbohydrates, protein and caffeine ensures a 66% faster recovery of the muscle glycogen compared with the intake of just carbohydrates and protein.

Furthermore, the combination of certain minerals and vitamins restores your fluid balance and works as a alkalising effect, because after an effort your body is very acidified.


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2 reviews for Recovery Coffee

  1. Dries Nuyts

    Great taste! Ideal after a long/hard day in the saddle. You’ll feel refreshed after drinking it.

    I recommend it if you want fresh legs the next day.

  2. Guy

    super lekker!
    na het drinken kon ik nog perfect een maaltijd eten en voelde me de dag nadien beter hersteld!

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