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DNA Analysis Health + Sport

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  • Allows you to align your diet with your DNA
  • Test which genetic variations in your DNA affect your carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism
  • Find out which vitamins your body uses, converts or transports efficiently or less efficiently. Also discover where certain things are disturbed
  • Find out if you have the genes for rapid or slow decomposition of caffeine
  • Find out if you have a genetic predisposition for a healthy intestinal flora or rather for a disturbance of the intestinal flora.
  • Pay one DNA analysis and get lifelong updates about your DNA

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2 reviews for DNA Analysis Health + Sport

  1. Ruben Volkaert

    I have been using the supplements of 4Gold for some time now and I am very satisfied with them. Despite many sports, I had trouble losing weight and felt very tired after a long working day or training. I then decided to have a DNA analysis carried out, because I wanted to know somewhere how my body deals with nutrition.

    After I had received my results, I received a number of very useful points of attention. For example, my vitamin D intake was difficult. Walking in the sun for hours had hardly any effect. I also found out that I am half lactose-intolerant, so I don’t produce enough lactase to break down lactose and so I don’t digest dairy very well. I also got the confirmation that I am more susceptible to fat absorption and my intestines could use some support.

    I used these and other insights to make a new start and decided to change my lifestyle and diet, avoid certain products like dairy and to support my body and intestinal flora I started to supplement the Green Fuel and Gut Support.

    Three weeks later I lost 4.5 kg, feel much more energetic and ride 80km a day a lot better. Before I never had a diet or diet that gave me so much energy and such a good feeling. Which diet you follow the best, is very personal. Their DNA analysis with personal report in combination with their top products, makes 4Gold unique in their approach.

  2. Didier Godfroid (verified owner)

    In November 2017, just before my 50th birthday, I decided to start a two-year training plan with the aim of participating in an Ironman 70.3, partly due to the infectious enthusiasm of my eldest son Olivier. For the first time in my life I had also exceeded 90 kg on the scale (for 1m90), so as an ex-tennis professional I immediately attached 85 kg to it as a weight target. Despite the many hours of training, my weight didn’t change much during the first few months. My condition, on the other hand, improved considerably!

    After a year the 85 kg was in sight, but it was rather sporadic that I touched it. The Ironman 70.3 was planned for September 2019.
    In May 2019 I came into contact with 4Gold through my well-known neighbour, a talented cyclist, and I was promptly persuaded to undergo a DNA test.

    The result was amazing! Animal proteins were ticked red for me and choline (a vitamin B that I had never heard of before) was not produced. I followed the recommendations from the DNA analysis, deleted cheese and milk from my menu and started eating smaller amounts of meat and fish. In short, I became a flexitarian. I also bought myself the Green Fuel that provided me with the necessary dose of vitamins and minerals, including the choline that I needed so badly.

    In no time I lost 5 kg and my weight remained stable at around 80 kg. I really started to feel stronger than ever and my first Ironman 70.3 went wonderfully well. On 21 June 2020, together with my son Olivier, I will participate in the Ironman 70.3 European Championship in Denmark, and on 22 August 2020 I will do the same daring feat at the Ironman 70.3 in Vichy, then together with my daughter Charlotte for her 25th birthday.

    The whole family has done a DNA-test and bought personalized supplements from 4Gold that give amazing results one by one.
    Your health deserves the very best, so don’t settle for silver!

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The 4Gold DNA-analysis health and sport establishes a link between an athlete’s DNA and its influence on the effect of foods on his/her performance and health.

Information about the body’s own genome provides insight into how the body deals with many food components, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and can allow a better understanding of how the body changes or performs when eating certain products, eating more or avoiding them altogether. This is the idea behind nutrigenomics. This can therefore help to supplement food in a more targeted way with, with for example, sports supplements.

For example, You may have a genetic variant which means that a protein supplement is not recommended for you. In addition, it is being investigated whether you need extra or just less caffeine stimulation. Find out if your body can produce enough lactase to digest lactose (milk sugar). Is your iron intake optimal or not, which may mean that you may be taking too little or too much iron from your diet. Learn if your body produces enough choline itself or if a supplement can be useful.

Our DNA analysis gives you these insights, with the results you can start to adapt your diet to your DNA and/or to supplement it according to your needs.

The 4Gold DNA analysis kits for saliva collection bear a CE mark.


After ordering a DNA analysis, you will receive a DNA sample kit. With this kit you can easily take a saliva sample.


  1. Register your kit via the link on the collector.
  2. Open the package and remove the collector without touching the sponge tip. Place the sponge as far back in your mouth as comfortable and rub along the lower gums in a back and forth motion. Gently rub 10 times. If possible, avoid rubbing your teeth.
  3. Gently repeat rubbing motion on the opposite side of the mouth along the lower gums for an additional 10 times.
  4. Hold the tube upright to prevent the liquid inside the tube from spilling. Unscrew the blue cap from the collection tube without touching the sponge.
  5. Turn the cap upside down, insert the sponge into the tube and close cap tightly.
  6. Invert the capped tube and shake vigorously 15 times.
  7. Afterwards you put the tube inside the box in which the DNA kit was delivered.
  8. Remove the pink tape from the adhesive strip to seal the box securely.
  9. At last you have to send the box back to the address provided on the back of it. Return shipping from Belgium is prepaid. For other countries, just take it to your local post office.

DNA extraction and processing your raw genetic data will roughly take 7-8 weeks. After this period of time you receive an email with both a personalized report and raw genetic data file.

You can store this file for future use, as this contains a lot of information on your genetic makeup. When there is an update of the analysis tool in the future, you simply run the raw data file again without ordering a new DNA kit.

4Gold does not store your genetic material or data. All files are immediately deleted after we’re sure you’ve received your report. 

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