Carbo Electro Lemon/cola

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Taste Lemon/cola – 1 kg (+-50 servings of 20 grams (with 500ml of water) , see the suggested use page for more information)

  • Isotonic drink
  • Particularly stomach-friendly
  • Restoring fluid balance and helps against cramps
  • Scientifically developed and tested by top athletes
  • Contains Maltodextrin and Dextrose (quick sugars) and Palatinose™ (slow sugar)
  • Contains PeptoPro™ for immediate muscle recuperation and improved performance (PeptoPro™ is a trademark of DSM)



Our Carbo Electro is an isotonic drink, which limits your losses and gives you energy. It consists of 3 types of carbohydrates: maltodextrin and dextrose both have a high glycemic index and provide fast energy. As a third we use Palatinose™, it has a low glycemic index and gives you long-term energy.

There are also proteins in our Carbo Electro. We use the world’s fastest absorbable protein PeptoPro™. These proteins end up almost immediately in the blood and increase the supply of amino acids to the muscles, allowing muscles to recover during exercise so you can perform better.

The added minerals and vitamins have also a significant effect. They are formulated to provide the ideal fluid balance and replenish the losses.  Iron, for example, ensures a better transport of oxygen.

The addition of creatine is also worth mentioning. This increases the level of ATP in the muscles, so more energy becomes available.


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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 23 cm


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