About us

The 4 reasons why we started 4Gold.
  • From athletes by athletes
As a MX-rider, a current and a former cyclist , we know all about the importance of quality food supplements. Unfortunately, many supplements contain constituents which often cause isotonic drinks to be sticky and unpleasant to drink. Based on our own experiences and a vision focused on improvement, we started developing our own products. Performing at a high level every day is very demanding for your body, the right supplements can help you to recover faster and make the difference between victory and loss.
  • Don’t settle for silver
We are not satisfied with 99%, we want to be the best always and everywhere. We believe that people who live for their sport deserve only the best. As a result, our primary focus is on quality. All our supplements have been developed on a scientific basis and have been extensively tested by top athletes from different disciplines in different conditions. All this with one goal, to make sure you can get the best out of yourself.
  • Track the safety of your batch
We know for ourselves how important it is that supplements are doping free. Therefore we have all our products tested by batch. With your batch number you can always find the results of your batch control on our website. Athletes buying 4Gold are always a 100% sure of having a doping free product in their hands.
  • Don’t let anything stop you

The osmolality (isotonic, hypotonic, hypertone) of our pre workout, carbo electro and recovery depends on certain circumstances. For example, your body reacts differently to heat or altitude. That’s why you can determine your individual scoop size, depending on your sport, altitude or extreme temperatures. This way you can perform optimally in all circumstances!



Our Team

Brent Luyckx

Co-founder 4Gold

I started 4Gold because I believed that it could be much better. As a former cyclist, I believe that supplements can make a difference between victory and loss. To do this my partner, Axel Roelants, and I work together with scientists to make the best possible products. So you can get the best out of yourself!

Axel Roelants

Co-founder 4Gold

As a current enduro motorcross rider I know how important supplements are for my recovery. During races we ride more than 5 hours with our motorbike. As a result, the whole body is acidified. With our 4Gold supplements I feel more focused and stronger during my rides, and faster recovered after.

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