4Gold DNA based supplements

Every athlete is different and reacts differently to supplements. A large part of this difference is genetically determined. There are many genes involved in the carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism. Of some of these genes there are several variants that are common. Like some people have blue eyes and other brown ones, there are also many genetic variants that code a slightly different effect of many biochemical processes in our body. For carbohydrate metabolism, this can mean that you are more sensitive to fast sugars. This can cause your sugar level in your blood to fluctuate or you may produce body fat faster when you consume sugars.
Because of these genetic differences in sugar processing between athletes, as well as genetic differences in protein metabolism, functioning and breakdown of stimulants such as caffeine, production of neurotransmitters needed for muscle contraction, … every athlete is completely unique and therefore needs unique supplementation for optimal performance and recovery.
In order to give every athlete the opportunity to learn which genetic variants are present, and what the influence or impact of this is on his nutrition, supplements and performance, 4gold, together with a team of genetic scientists, has developed a tool that provides a simple report in which the most important and relevant genetic variants of that athlete are described. It also indicates which supplements may or may not be used, taking into account the genetic variants and achieving the best possible performance.
This DNA tool only needs your raw genetic data, which everyone can obtain safely, reliably and easily through a saliva sample. More information can be found here. You can request your DNA analysis kit here: www.23andme.com/en-int/dna-ancestry/

Pay once, and enjoy all future insights and enhancements to the tool.

The 4Gold team of utility geneticists is continuing to test and develop. In the coming months, many new genetic variants will be added to the algorithm of the 4Gold DNA analysis tool. We have also developed some very innovative products that will be available soon. The link between your DNA and these new products with special action on your body will also be added. By using the tool once, you will receive an email confirming your order and containing a link to the 4Gold DNA analysis tool. This link will continue to work with only your raw genetic data. This way you can quickly consult the new insights with all subsequent updates of the tool, by loading your raw genetic data again.
Also check out the following video about how the DNA analysis tool works.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Why reload your raw genetic data file with every update?

Because of privacy rules (GDPR) 4Gold has chosen not to keep DNA reports, nor raw genetic data. Everything is immediately removed from the server. Therefore it is necessary to keep track of your data file and to recharge it in the DNA analysis tool to get a new report.

2. I ordered the DNA analysis via the 4Gold website, but I don't have a raw genetic data file yet. What now?

No problem. Just save the mail you receive with the confirmation of your order. It contains a link to the DNA analysis tool that remains valid. You will then have to wait a few weeks for your DNA analysis before you can try out the 4Gold DNA analysis tool.

3. I prefer not to share my genetic data just like that. Or I don't trust the laboratory that will do the DNA extraction using my saliva sample. But I still want the insights of the 4Gold DNA analysis tool for optimal use of the sports nutrition supplements, what can I do?

Request your DNA analysis kit (via saliva sample) under a false name. This way, neither the lab nor 4Gold will find out who these specific DNA data were from. If you are a professional sportsman, then you should definitely apply for your DNA analysis kit under a false name.

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