Importance of gut health by athletes

Our gut microbiome, the combined community of microorganisms in our gut, are of tremendous important for our functioning, and can even be seen as an extra organ.  It has a strong impact on our immune system. Next to this it is also a part of our metabolic system and it is involved in energy production via several different mechanisms.

The influence of our gut microbiome goes even one step further. It is also involved in mental health via the production of neurotransmitters and communicates through the vagus nerve with our brain. Through the mucosal immune system it can even influence our upper respiratory system, which is the system that is most commonly disrupted and leading to illness by athletes. All these statements just to make the point that the importance of gut health for athletes (and the general population) can almost not be overestimated.

Gut health disrupters

Unfortunately, a typical athlete encounters many potential gut disrupters in his daily routine. For example, the daily elevation of adrenalines, due to training and competition is a first potential gut health disrupter. Enteric bacteria respond directly to elevated levels of stress-related neurotransmitters (like adrenaline). For this reason, adrenaline promotes the growth of bad bacteria.

Typical sports nutrition high in fructose and loaded with artificial sweeteners have a negative impact on gut health too. Combine this with the still common practise of easily prescribing antibiotics to pro-athletes for every common illness, and you have the ideal recipe for gut issues. For those who are not aware, but most antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in our gut.

Gut support taken to the next level

To support a healthy microbiome in athletes, a new approach to gut health had to be defined. For that reason, the scientific team behind 4Gold created a patented formula with a totally unique blend of substances that are able to shape the gut of an athlete into a more health promoting eco-system. The 4Gold team also included nutrigenomic compounds that reduce inflammation in the gut and even support the growth of specific bacteria, like Akkermansia muciniphila, that can improve our metabolic profile.

One of the keystones of this new gut supporting supplement is an oligosaccharide called 2’-fucosyllactose. Oligosaccharides are complex and unique sugar chains with a very special effect on the body. This 2’-fucosyllactose is extremely powerful in creating a better gut environment. You can read more about this oligosaccharide on the product page of our Gut Support.

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