What is nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is a relatively new science that studies the effects of food and food components on normal gene expression. Gene expression is the process of expressing certain genes. When a gene from the DNA is converted to RNA and then translated into an amino acid sequence from which a protein is formed, a gene is expressed. The extent to which this happens can vary individually. As a result, a balanced, healthy diet is actually a different thing for everyone in the sense that your genetic make-up helps determine the effects of foods on your own physiological processes.

Information about your own genome can allow you to gain a better understanding of how your body changes or performs when you eat certain products, eat more or avoid them altogether. So despite the fact that your DNA or genetic code is fixed, you can take the impact of certain genetic variants into account when drawing up your dietary plan. #Nutrigenomics

What can nutrigenomics do for my sports performance?

Once you know how your body reacts to nutrients, you can take this into account in your nutrition and training schedule. This is where the great potential of nutrigenomics in sport lies. So there are several copies (variations/mutations) of most genes in circulation. Thanks to nutrigenomic supplements, you can respond better to certain specific nutritional needs that are associated with this in order to support your body optimally. For example, if you are a person who has a less favourable copy of a recuperation-promoting gene, then you can choose your nutrients and thus support your recuperation. A DNA analysis gives you a clear view of which genetic variants are present in your DNA.
Nutrigenomics is another relatively new science as mentioned above. Most of the components identified so far are mainly active on genes involved in recovery and partly on performance (glucose uptake in muscle cells, function of the mitochondria,…).

Nutrigenomic supplements line 4Gold

The team of scientists at 4Gold has worked hard to find a nutrigenomic component that can support the process for as many genetically determined aspects involved in recovery as possible. By combining these components, supported by the necessary excipients, wathe 4Gold nutrigenomic recovery created


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