Creatine is a very popular supplement in the fitness industry, because it helps with high intensity, strength and power exercises. It also aids in muscle growth and muscle definition. But creatine is a supplement which has potential beneftis for many other sports. Contrary to most popular believes it has a big added value for endurance sports as well. How does creatine work? And how does it help an endurance athlete? Found out more of this below.

How does Creatine work?

Creatine’s main task is to enhance energy production in cells. In a cell the most basic form of energy is a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is the cells “energy currency” and it’s used to perform many of the cell’s functions. ATP is a limiting factor in high-intensity exercise, because it runs out quickly when you are working hard. Its like you spend much more money than you earn, so sooner or later you will run out of money. This brings us back to creatine. Creatine, which is stored in your muscles in the form of creatine phosphate, can help you replenish the “energy currency” ATP, giving your muscle cells the capacity to produce more energy. The more creatine you have, the more energy your muscle cells can produce during high-intensity exercise.

Creatine is a very popular supplement for strength- and power-based exercise. This is because ATP energy is crucial for these exercises. These exercises are often short in duration and require high intensity efforts.

Creatine in endurance sports

  • Even though creatine is beneficial for short-duration, high-intensity exercise, research shows that it has also many benefits for endurance athletes. (*) Endurance sports like cycling and even triathlon have sprint finishes and the occasional high intensity effort on climbs, escapes, intermediate sprints, … were the obvious benefit for creatine lies. But the benefits extend way beyond the high intensity efforts in racing.


  • Almost every endurance training program encompasses some kind of interval training. Studies have shown that creatine increases the number of intervals and subsequent amount of training an endurance athlete could complete. (*) This increased number of intervals can certainly improve endurance in the long term.


  • Another study showed that the fall in blood glucose during an endurance exercise test was significantly reduced after consumption of creatine, together with an interval power performance increase by 18%.(*) This reduces fall of blood glucose is definitely beneficial in endurance exercise.

How 4Gold uses Creatine?

All these findings combined make a strong case for the use of creating in endurance training and racing. We have added creatine in a high bioavailable ethyl ester to our Carbo Electro for the use during performance and exercise. The uptake of Creatine is enhanced when taken whilst exercising and also by the carbohydrates and protein in the Carbo Electro. (*)


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