As discussed in a previous blog, it is important to bring your body at the start of your goals in the best possible conditions. Pre-workout supplements can provide support in many areas. A good pre-workout provides your body with constant, long lasting energy, gives a boost to your mental focus, strength and agility. Furthermore, it improves the absorption of electrolytes during exercise, reduces fatigue and softens the effects of stress and reduces the inflammatory response resulting from exercise. In this way, the pre-workout can even speed up your recovery.

The composition of an optimal pre-workout drink can be divided into 3 large blocks.

The best known block is the macronutrients.

These include the carbohydrates (fast/slow sugars) and proteins (also amino acids). The usefulness of this is known to most athletes and was also mentioned in the previous blog.

The second block is the micronutrients.

These include vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are the aids to all biochemical functions in your body to run smoothly. A good pre-workout gives your body some extra of the necessary cofactors for the body functions during exercise to the extreme.

A third block is the phytonutrients.

Phytonutrients are bioactive substances of plants that often have a powerful effect on all kinds of biochemical processes in our body. There are more than thousands of phytonutrients, and can be classified into carotenoids, phenols, alkaloids, nitrogen-containing compounds and organic sulfur compounds. There is one well known powerful phytonutrient, with clear action on our body, which is found in many pre-workout formulas, and that is caffeine.  Caffeine makes you more alert and focused and stimulates fat burning, among other things.  Biochemically caffeine is an adenosyne receptor antagonist and is therefore involved in the modulation or regulation of the neurotransmitters dopamine (gives focus, drive) and glutamate (is stimulating, excitatory).

But there are many more such phytonutrients that have equally powerful and performance-enhancing properties. One of these unknown phytonutrients is the withanolides. These withanolides have steroid structure and occur in the plants family of the nightshade. The whithanolides consist of about 300 different forms. One of them shows a very interesting biochemical activity in our body. It suppresses the adverse effects of stress (cortisol), including physical stress from very intensive exercise, and also has a double anti-inflammatory effect (for experts through inhibition of NF-ĸB and COX-2).

By adding the right withanolides and many other phyto-nutrients with complementary activity to the pre-workout – in addition to the right macro- and micronutrients – 4Gold has succeeded in providing a powerful support, so that your body can function optimally in a long intensive effort.

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