Unfortunately, today there are still many athletes who drink a highly sugar dosed soda after a race, but this doesn’t help to improve their recovery. For athletes who want to train progressively and fully perform the next day, it is important to give their body within 20-30 minutes (=Golden window) the nutrients it needs.

What are the differences between a recovery and whey shake?

First and foremost, a recuperation shake is different from sport to sport and from situation to situation.

  • Recovery shake

For example, a recovery drink contains a carbohydrate to protein ratio between 4:1 and 3:1. Here it is especially important that it restores the body and works alkalising, because after an exercise your body is very acidified. It is also important to supplement the glycogen supply and promote muscle recovery. A recovery shake is therefore especially recommended for endurance sports such as running, cycling, motorcross, cyclocross, etc.

  • Whey shake

With a protein/whey shake, as the name suggests, proteins are the most important. Furthermore, the shake preferably contains as little fat and carbohydrates as possible. The main function of the shake is to restore and build up the muscles, so it is often used after strength training. The whey shake can also be used after a calm, easy training, because here the glycogen reserves are not affected and you can still benefit from extra muscle recovery.

In our whey shake we use different kinds of protein. We also work here with di- and tripeptides, they ensure that the muscles are immediately supplied with amino acids. Afterwards, a combination of whey hydrolisate, isolate and concentrate ensures that your body gradually has amino acids in the blood.

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