Why you should never base a purchase on a number.

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  • 14th September 2018
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‘Your products are so expensive’ is an answer we often get, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

With 4Gold, we decided from the start to take a different path. With us you won’t find distributors or several points of sale and the reason for this is quite simple, namely commission.

An indirect sales model is traditional, but is almost always disadvantageous for the customer. As a customer you pay the price for all intermediate channels where your product was located. We found that this could be done better, instead of paying high commissions, we prefer to invest in raw materials and scientific research.

This way you, as a customer, pay us for top quality at a competitive price. ‘Too expensive’ is ultimately only based on a number, while what you effectively (without commission) get back is much more important.

4Gold products are exclusively available on 4gold.be, so you can always be sure of our quality. Currently we deliver to both Europe and the United States. Within Belgium and the Netherlands, orders placed before 6pm, are delivered the next day.



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